Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to "Inspired Designs"

A couple days ago, I worked up a "Successories"-style spoof image to make a point on an email loop I'm on. I got enough positive feedback to work up a small set of "posters", and so here they are, just in time for Christmas: inspirational posters for the Intelligent Design community, from your friends at Inspired Designs Studios.

(I burned some credits at iStockPhoto for the images, so these are legal to pass around.)

UPDATE: Added a couple more. The Dembski photo's not a stock photo.

UPDATE 2: Blogger doesn't allow external access to local images, apparently, so if you want to link to these images, it won't work. I may move these over to a Photobucket or Flickr account, but for now, feel free to grab these and host 'em wherever you'd like. Attribution appreciated -- Touchstone @


d said...

These are really great work. I just threw a plug at PZ's blog for you, and maybe he'll recommend these in a post, in which event you'll see these floating around the net a lot.

Hunter said...

PZ did, which is how I found them. Terrific work.

Touchstone said...

Thanks for the heads up!


george.w said...

Found at PZ, linked at home

Ferg said...

Thank you for these. They're hilarious and very inspiring, and with ID grinding on, we all need a laugh.