Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Moments in Calvinist Apologetics #238

Not to be outdone by Manata's sexual aggression, Peter Pike opens up "The First Adam" with this:

Peter Pike:
As I’ve studied theology, I’ve come to the conclusion that God really knew what was best when He decided to reveal Himself through the Old Testament shadows before He revealed Himself fully in the person of Christ.
So, Peter here has come to the conclusion that God really knew what was best, after all... Follow this maverick philosopher right through the whole post, to end up with this bit of extra insight from him in the comment stream:
Peter Pike:
We do know that Adam's sin did not catch God off-guard. It was foreordained, yet in such a way that Adam freely sinned. These concepts are all clear from Scripture.
Yes, in such a way, indeed!


cramdon said...

Before I studied theology, I never would have thought that God knew what was best. Since studying theology, this concept of God knowing what is best is starting to make sense.

Also, God voted for Adam's sin, before He voted against it - in a foreordained, yet freely-sinning sort of way. This is why theology matters.

Touchstone said...


I definitely agree: theology is quite useful as a way out of the problem of "foreordained, yet freely sinning".

Best wishes,